Wardrobe Therapy Workbook Series


This set of five Wardrobe Therapy workbooks is designed to aid you in contemplating your past, present, and future relationship with fashion. Each workbook is filled with questions to answer, doodle prompts, and timelines to fill out. The intention of this process is to deepen your understanding of how your fashion past connects to the present, how you currently dress and why, what motivates you in your styling and shopping habits, and how to better direct your future fashion to fulfill your intentions, wishes, and desires. Wardrobe Therapy is a practice of affirmation, not prescription. You know within what is best for you in shopping, styling, and dressing–these workbooks aim to unearth and affirm that truth.



Wardrobe Therapy is a garment reconstruction service provided by artist Janelle Abbott, to private clients who own clothing they love, but don’t wear, yet can’t get rid of. The process begins with an in-depth conversation which holds space for the clients past/present/future fashion to live in simultaneously fluctuation. Together with the client, Janelle crafts a plan for how to reconfigure their garments into new pieces so as to provide those beloved garments with new context, deeper meaning, and increased value. If you are interested in learning more or signing up to participate, send Janelle an email!


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