Zayra is a relentless collector of vintage. She’s always been on the prowl for perfect pieces to fit into her colorful, bold, psychedelic world. But in the past year, as she became more invested in selling vintage, Zayra has become ready to get rid of special things from her personal stash. She says she looks at her clothing more rationally now and that it’s a “wild feeling” to have no attachment. During our interview, I asked Zayra to tell of a time when she felt proud of what she was wearing, and her response was perfect: “I feel like I’m always proud!” She went on that dressing on the daily, for her, is fun—it’s something she actively takes pride in, and it shows. Even her dog, Bella, is dressed to the ears with the same brand of color and funk. She did admit, however, that between birth and 17, she didn’t invest in her personal style because it was unimportant at the time. In her late teens and early 20s, however, dressing has become a daily ritual and a source of joy.