As a pre-teen, Timmy described himself as a “rebel within perimeters”—choosing the antithesis of the style influences that surrounded him. When other kids pressed their shirts, he wore his wrinkled; he would accessorize with belts, shoes, and even make-up (though that landed him in trouble). High school fashion was about functionality, as he moved to a private school in Florida while training to become an Olympic swimmer. Today, when he gets dressed, Timmy is always conscious of where he’s going and who he might meet—he crafts outfits that are inviting, in order to create opportunities to meet new people as opposed to put them off.  Timmy’s Korean grandmother has long been a style icon for him, and after her passing, Timmy inherited the majority of her wardrobe. Moving into the future, Timmy hopes to elevate the pieces he already owns—including these beloved garments from his grandmother, by finding ways to transform clothing into works of art.