At 6 years old, Tiffany’s mother tried to bribe with $10 her to wear a dress to a funeral—from a very young age Tiffany knew exactly what she did and did. not. want to wear (dresses being in the latter category). Even though her parents wanted her to wear more ‘girly’ things, Tiffany was allowed to dress herself: oversized tees, bike shorts, color blocked, things that could move and stretch and play. As of today, nothing has really changed. Tiffany likes to dress in layers, all of which are mobile and functional for running a business, doing a work out, wrangling her child, and going about town. Tiffany has had a trendy phase, a preppy phase, a raver phase, a ‘tacky shit’ phase, a girly phase, a Banana Republic phase, an athletic phase (current), but in her phases, she sought balance in a specific way. “I can be dressed head to toe in lime green because the silhouette is basic” and that’s the balance: bold colors, simple shapes. Bold shapes, simple colors. “I want to run a mile in whatever I’m wearing” Tiffany explained during our interview. She’s very comfortable owning her style in this moment, and isn’t giving out any predictions for what she’ll be wearing in the future.