. As a child, Rachel refused to wear jeans because they were uncomfortable. Instead, she would wear cut off sweats every day—she had 7 different pairs: one color for each day of the week.Though obstinate and unwilling to branch out as a child (regardless of her mother’s efforts), Rachel explored in her early teens with mini skirt’s, tights/fishnets, track suits, halter tops, oversized tees, and whatever else struck her as inspiring as she scrolled the pages of Tumblr. These days she’s moving away from tees to more ruffle, fluff, and Fruits inspired Lolita looks. For Rachel, the concept of comfort is tied with confidence. She styling herself, Rachel seeks to organize a cute look that doesn’t need fuss throughout the day; one that breeds a sense of happiness and thus comfort in the confidence that she can move without fear of malfunctions that might otherwise steal her good feeling. “If my dress is too short, I feel worried and lose confidence.” She explained. 100% of the clothing Rachel owns have been thrifted. Many pieces came from the late, great Value Village in Crown Hill where Rachel worked for 2 years. Sometimes, she would spend 2 hours shopping after her shift. When the store closed, she stopped shopping, and currently she’s mostly interested in finding clothes for her friends and trying to clean out her own closet.