Custom Three Piece Play Set


The Three Piece Play Set is a (1) blouse, (2) halter, and (3) skirt made from 100% of 2 thrifted button ups. Made to order; made to fit your body! You choose the color combo (up to two colors plus a third alternative option) including solid color, gingham, stripe, plaid, or other commonly sourced button up preference.

Because the construction of the original garments varies, the shape and aesthetic of the halter is subject to change. You can request either two toned or checkered, but the process may dictate the final decision to be otherwise. Thank you for understanding!

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One of a kind, zero waste, never to be seen again

Be sure to provide accurate measurements to ensure fit. Edits to fit after production will cost $25+ (including post-edit return shipping) depending on complexity.
Garment is safe to machine wash and dry.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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