Orphan P2 (Art)

July 8-30 2022

Somber, bright, beautiful, and despairing—Janelle Abbott’s Orphan P2 is a world where furniture, art, and fashion are fused. With chairs that have sweaters built-in and rugs with pants woven into the weft, this interactive installation invites visitors to become a part of the work. Whether the wearable furniture pieces are sanctuaries or straightjackets, is up to the visitors to decide. Large scale hand painted murals of gloomy and foreboding skies frame these wearable vignettes accompanied by the debut of a new series of soft wall sculptures, or Wall Dolls, made from second hand clothing, bedding, yarn, paint, and more; the protagonists of Orphan P2, the Wall Dolls reference Abbott’s brand new collection of zero waste, one of a kind clothing which will walk the gallery like a runway in her Thursday, July 21 live fashion show event at 7pm. 

Slip Gallery
2301 1st Ave Seattle

Photos by Ripple Fang