Orphan P1


what it feels like to live life on your own; without anyone, anything, without any home
what it feels like to make life from what you can find; in the garbage, on the roadside, whatever someone else has left behind

Contains: Deadstock curtain textiles, power mesh, and jersey knit, vintage lace, reclaimed duvet cover, felt blanket, sheer curtains, quilt topper, and bed sheets, reclaimed lace table cloth and mesh textile, second hand cycling garment, t-shirts, dresses, sweater, blazers, house paint, spray paint, shrinky dink buttons, collection scraps and seams, donated hats

Models  @m00nyeka @the.ebony.mermaid @izaac_mellow & Yi Fei
Photography @elisabethdione 

Modeled by the artist
Photography @elisabethdione 

Models @killinsw0rth @narfchunks 
Photographer @martinrangerimages