Ode to the USPS


The aggressive dismantling of the USPS by Trump appointed Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, (who replaced Megan Brennan, the first female to hold the highest position in the USPS), was a wake up call to many about the importance of the USPS in the daily lives of Americans–for some, it is their main source of receiving much needed medications, correspondence, bill payment, and more. As a life long pen pal and a tireless fan of the USPS uniforms and aesthetics, this collection stands as a love letter to Americas most popular public service: the postal service.

Available at Cafe Forgot and Kathleen

Contains: found, reclaimed, and donated clothing (mens button ups, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, etc.), textile remnants sourced by the artists Grandma, found bedsheets, dead-stock lace, lace trim, and velvet upholstery textile, house paint, and vintage USPS patches.

Photography by Fanny Chu | Modeling by Omoyé

Photography by the artist | Modeling by Killinsworth

Photography by the artist | Modeling by Imana

A free set of original, stamped stationary with every purchase.