Nina’s high school style had been heavily influenced by her older sister, especially when she left for college and Nina inherited all her trendy clothes. But being trendy wasn’t Nina’s MO. She was never motivated by the need to “dress current” but instead, she was interested in obtaining a look that matched her specific definition of ‘cool’. In 4th grade while on a family vacation, she, her mother, and sister went out shopping on a rainy day and Nina found a pair of purple bell bottoms and a purple shirt—she discovered the ‘cool girl pony tail’ and wore this full outfit to school picture day. The look was sporty, cool, and that was totally Nina. Nina was still cool in college, but she was suddenly amidst a wide array of people, each with their own personally defined ‘cool style’, totally different than hers, and she found soon her fashions being influenced by others—including me, as we were college dorm mates and later flat mates back when we were at The New School.