In her early childhood, Liz’s mom had dressed her in a red and green plaid dress with Scottie dogs and a big collar. By the time she came into her pre-teens, however, Liz had graduated from her mom’s thrifted fashions to the world of Limited Too. Like most of us, she couldn’t afford to get everything she wanted, but Liz circled all the options she adored in the catalogues, and owned one of those glittery gel shirts with a dog on it that she wore to shreds. That wasn’t her first foray into fashion autonomy. In third grade, Liz had a ‘sexy mesh shirt’ (which she said was ‘way too sexy for a third grader’) that she always tried to wear it whenever she saw her crush (who never noticed). Today, black is Liz’s color. She works as a hair stylist, so its sort of the business uniform. But she also had a goth phase in the early 2000s—compelled by inspiration gathered from MySpace and Tumblr of what the ‘cool kids’ were wearing. All black, eyeliner, piercings; the music of My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. Her approach to black today is far more sophisticated, but it still has a youthful punk-ish edge.