Both of Lis’ parents are sales reps for a variety of clothing manufacturers. In the 90’s her mom repped a workout line with a girly twist called “City Lights” and her dad repped a company called “Baggies”. This meant much of Lis’ childhood style was provided by sample product from her parents—MC Hammer style pants with oversized neon tees. She was, and still is, drowning in her clothing. Over the years, Lis has found her style inspired by TV and movies as well—Lizzie McGuire had a moment back in the days of Limited Too and Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl was a big part of her high school look. . Today Lis’ style is constantly waffling. One minute it’s Steve Nicks, the next it’s industrial minimalism. Eventually, though, Lis says she wants to delve deeper into the realm of ‘hippie momma’ with wide leg linen trousers, oversized button ups, chunky jewelry, big hats, all that.