Liisa grew up in Finland, where baby clothes were often inherited from siblings and relatives. She remembers using her own baby clothes as dress up attire for her dolls and teddy bears—a pale yellow and baby blue onesy, a light green cardigan with round pearl buttons—no doubt these garments still exist and are still being utilized. As she grew older, Liisa became more determined to wear what she wanted which include things that were worn out and soft, things inherited from her mother, and anything purple. As a teen she was obsessed with Dingo, a Finnish glamrock band who wore striped skinny pants. Liisa and her BFF would try and emulate their style by scouring the thrift stores, finding sequined scarves to tie around their wrists. At this point, Liisa began to alter and make a lot of her own clothing—utilizing her local thrift store finds. Today, she travels the world. always on the lookout for special and unique items. Still, sometimes Liisa ends up with garments that could stand improvement, but that’s where Wardrobe Therapy comes in.