Kim grew up in California loving matching outfits—top and bottom flannel jammies, the ladies at their gospel church, and of course, they adored the style of their nanna Judy. For much of their life, Kim has struggled to fully manifest their desired style, because the clothes they’re interested in don’t come in their size. Nonetheless, Kim has worked hard to piece together a powerful style for themselves, influenced by NYC queer and punk culture of the 60s/70s, the music of their parents (Motown and classic rock), 80s extravagance, Sporty Spice, Fantasia, and no duh, inspiration has constantly been derived from the endlessly classy and stylist icon in Kim’s life, Judy! With the passing of Judy earlier in the year, Kim was able to collect a large amount of Judy’s impeccable, historic, and designer garments to transform into new garments for Kim to wear.