When Jasper was 4 years old they wore red cowboy boots and prairie dress (hand made by their mom) every single day. Their mom allowed ample space for self expression, especially through dress, so Jasper loved going to Joanna Fabrics to pick out tons of ribbons they would often wear in their hair. Of course through junior high and high school, Jasper became somewhat insecure, and began to default to the prevailing styles of their friends—A&F and the like—but there was still a rebellious kid inside that wanted to express themselves. Well, that kid is out now, and they’re not holding back! During our interview, Jasper defined ‘fashionable’ as “people who dress how they want” period. Not following other prejudices but instead holding space for themselves to wear exactly what they want, when they want. “Full force femme at the coffee shop.” “All dressed up and nowhere to go” Jasper wanted to get dressed up in prairie dresses again, so we made them one!