Imana loved to dress up as a child. For her birthday in 1st or 2nd grade, both her mother and grandmother bought outfits for her to wear—one a pink lounge set with Little Prince vibes, the other a white princess ball gown. The two argued over what Imana should wear, and in the end, she wore both. Imana’s mother, an architect, always had a strong sense of style. Daily she wore an unofficial uniform: crisp white oxford and tailored slacks. Though Imana enjoyed exploring style as she grew up in Jakarta, when she moved to Vashon in her teens, she eventually started to wear white button ups just like her mom. Imana foresees her style getting louder, more playful, with bolder accessories in the future, but currently she is obsessed with SUITS. She explained that as a brown young woman in a position of authority within her work place, putting on a well cut suit is like donning armor, even if interacting with co-workers over Zoom.