Emma is thankful that her mom had good taste in children’s clothes—vintage dresses, tiny leather jackets, baby sized All Stars. She was allowed to explore mixing colors, prints, and aesthetics at a young age, which lead to some weird and eclectic combinations. Her style began to morph consistently through the early 2000s; as Emma put it, it was “the need and urgency to fit in that killed that freedom”. Since Emma grew up without a TV, many of her cultural influences came secondhand through her classmates, but she always remained picky about color. After a brief ‘Madewell period’ in late HS, Emma began to regain that youthful sense of play and fun with fashion while she was attending college in Philadelphia. Thrifting allowed her to discover new wild pieces that helped her break up with reality and the desire to fit in or please others through dress. Now when Emma goes thrifting she tries to remain open to letting clothing find her—and it works!