Desperately Seeking Shavasana


In ancient traditions, rest was honored, celebrated, required. In modern America, rest is considered weak, lazy, disrespectful even.

The recent rise of “self care” has brought back into the fold the transformative power of rest. You are incapable of combating the challenges of the world today and affecting the change necessary for a more equal and inclusive world tomorrow, if you are run ragged to the point of dysfunction.

So come, take a seat; let down your load, and take on mine.

“Desperately Seeking Shavasana” by Janelle Abbott is an interactive sculptural installation featuring a variety of art objects designed to engage viewers in rest. From a rug you can sit in to stuffed animals weighing fifteen pounds, “Desperately Seeking Shavasana” will lead you to question your personal relationship with rest and insight you to consider new and revolutionary tactics for obtaining the daily and weekly restoration that your good body deserves.

Contains: Reclaimed clothing and textile remnants, found cord, reclaimed stuffed animal skins, cement, house paint, nail polish, found child and doll sized sun glasses, repurposed yoga mats, dish washing gloves, acrylic nails, etc.