Could This Be Real?



Contains: donated garments including…Big Dogs hoodie, multiple button ups, Gap dress, sweatshirt scraps, green button up scraps, two t-shirts, vintage pink satin pj bottoms, donated mixed vintage beads; thrifted garments including…khakis, polo, multiple button ups, grey hoodie, cream cardigan, baby pink sheer scarf, sheer butterfly curtains, multiple sheer curtains, multiple cotton sweaters; found textiles including…purple button up, blue sweatshirt, table cloth, vintage textile remnant, novelty fabric remnants; hand painted mint green floral organic cotton French Terry hand dyed lavender organic cotton French Terry, hand pleated ruffle trim from various found, reclaimed, and thrifted textiles, found butterfly pillow case appliqués, reclaimed puff paint, reclaimed beads, house paint, spray paint, bleach, hand made shrinky dink buttons and paillettes

Models Nia Amina, Akoiya, Michele

Photos Mel Kagerer

Models Rachel, Gaby, and Tristan

Photos Martin Ranger

Modeled by the artist

Photos Brian McCleerey